Wednesday, July 31, 2013

pool time, goose poop beach & wedding crashers

bucket list cont...


oh how i wish we had a pool to go to all the time. that would sure make summer more worth while for me.
alas, i have to wait for someone to invite us....
and someone did!

ash and i were the only ones from our family to go....the rest of my family was scattered here and there. summer.

more water time for ashton=one SUPER happy three year old.
and see that adorable girl behind him rocking that fantastic bathing cap?? that's his buddy, liv.


we have a few to choose from here in aurora. one has a slightly better "beach" than the other. drawback: it is littered with more goose poop than a landmine battlefield. not that ashton cared. oh well, it was a fun day despite the unwelcome piles.

he can't swim. he has no fear. thank goodness for inflatable arm bands!! but don't worry, i didn't let him go out too far.
(note to self: put that boy in swim lessons!)

this photo is one of my faves. ash is rocking his yellow diamond-studded sunnies with his buddy kole.

and then we have this moment. one of ashtons favorite friends "busybelle" (isabelle) is walking with determined purpose back to the car while ash is checking on a piece of licorice placed in his pocket for safe keeping. 

ok, so we didn't exactly crash this wedding. but it felt that way since the only people we knew were the parents of the bride. we sat at a table with strangers, danced our booties off amidst strangers, toasted the happy couple with strangers. and had a total blast! best date night so far.

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