Tuesday, November 20, 2012

style spotlight: j. crew

i am always DAZZLED by j. crew. the color, the styling, the fit, the timeless quality with a
enough of an edge. it's just smart fashion.
i know at any given moment i can walk into a j. crew store and be instantly inspired. it is magical.

chunky, gem-laden jewels.

 luxurious velvet paired with denim.

 sequins mixed with basics. genius.

bold, graphic patterns used with ladylike, classic cuts.

playful knits.

clean, crisp and brilliantly bold.

they always have the best extras. case in point these fabulous cards.
 throwback glamour, ala grace kelley!
 interesting shape and color combinations.

again, the color combinations are always spot on. it makes you think outside of the box.

i have been lusting after this french hen sweater from the time i spotted it in the catalog.

almost every season of j. crew fashions has some element of leopard. one of my favorite prints.

this necklace. the bubble necklace. quickly elevated to iconic status and much copied.

i can't say enough about the mix of color, pattern, fabric, and accessory. oh j. crew, you do impress!

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