Friday, December 02, 2011

steadfastly busy doing my thing

6 months absence makes for a daunting blog update undertaking! why i keep doing this to myself i will never know. the easy thing to do would be to simply keep up with the blog. i guess easy isn't my thing.

so let me separate this update into two catagories (as anything pertaining to family would be on my other blog).


i may or may not have mentioned that i am currently serving as the first counselor in the young womens presidency (go here to learn more about that).
this calling is one of my favorites. by far. i absolutely LOVE serving the youth! i am inspired, uplifted, and extremely blessed by them.
for the past year and a half i have been diligently working on my personal progress to earn my young women recognition award. this process is similar to a young man earning his eagle scout. it's very involved and rewarding.
a few weeks ago i received my medallion!!!
now on to the honor bee...

i have been pouring myself into daily scripture study and loving every minute of it. i have drawn closer to my Savior and Heavenly Father. i am so thankful for the scriptures.

every tuesday i attend an institute class. we are studying the pearl of great price. amazing. every week i leave that class feeling spiritually nourished and spiritually on fire. sometimes i can't wait to go home and re-read/study some of the things we have discussed in class. this has been a huge blessing for me.


i can't post everything i have been busily crafting/sewing/photographing/jewelry-ing, as some of it is for people who are giving them for presents. but i will post a small sample of the things i have completed.

with the onset of colder weather i have pulled out my crochet hooks and put them to good use! i actually finished this chunky cowl-neck scarf tonight. LOVE!

this very long scarf is super soft and wraps around my neck about a hundred times, making it even cozier. the red makes me happy too. so festive.

i made my halloween costume this year. i was a fancy witch. fancy because i made this very fancy witch hat complete with rhinestones, feathers, and netting. oh!...and the best part of my costume...i wore a whispy boa all night!!!! dreamy!

last year for christmas i made a few special people charm bracelets similar to this one (each one is different and personalized). since then, i have made a few more based on requests from friends of those special people.

nest necklaces. each pearl represents a child. i made this one for a friend who made the most amazing cake for our halloween party. i love working in trade!

these last two are ones i made just for me. i wanted to have something to wear that represented me and my sweetheart hubby. hence the "s" and the "k" and the heart.

i'm really loving the whole clip-on charm thing. i will be making different baubles to attach. maybe some will be holiday-inspired? not sure yet. having fun with this design.

i solemnly swear to not let 6 stinkin' months pass without so much as a peep!! it's so much more fun to share what i'm doing.


Ruth said...

I enjoyed reading this post. I love that chunky cowl neck scarf!

Jandi said...

I LOVE those scarves. So cute! Love all of your creations! I am thinking I may need one of those pearly plain necklaces with different added charms. I am loving that... Great job friend.

RaeLyn said...

Congrats on achieving your Young Womanhood award! That is fabulous. It was fun to "catch up" with you through your post. Keep up the great work!

Natalie said...

yay for personal progress! it was my hope to stay there longer (for more than just one reason :D) so that i could get a bee, too. oh well. so glad you completed it and loved the journey.
everything you make is so fantastic, kim. halloween -- wish i could have been there to see you in your fabulous glory. that hat is amazing.
i bet those scarves are perfect for your freezing colorado winters...i will forever think of you with i think of colorado snowy winters.
i love my charm bracelet and i know that a certain person will, too. you put such thought and effort into your custom pieces.
that kim and stephan necklace is so perfect!
well done, my friend.