Friday, December 30, 2011

my word for 2012

as 2011 comes to a close it's time to start fresh. think about resolutions, changes, opportunities. i started a tradition for myself in 2008 of choosing a word that will be the inspiration for my year. i initially got the idea here.

i have asked my family to join in with me and think of a word of their own. then they must journal it, art-it-up, integrate it, LIVE it!
as i have been mulling it over and seeing what comes to mind, so many words sounded pretty good. but late last night, right before i was going to go to bed my word came to me like a bolt of lightning. it clicked.

my word for 2012 is:

committed to health.
committed to being a better blogger.
committed to the gospel.
committed to motherhood.
committed to my happy marriage.
committed to integrity.
committed to being in the moment.
committed to joy.
committed to being true to myself.

i am committed!

what is your word for 2012?

1 comment:

Jandi said...

That is a great one. An ALL-encompassing one. I think that one will be easy for you. You just have to want something bad enough and you don't let down. Love the word idea.