Saturday, October 10, 2009

art trading cards

i started making atc's a couple of months ago, and i have to say, you get hooked! i did a swap when i was with scrap 'n art. sadly, i sent mine out, but did not receive the promised cards in return :(. huge bummer.
so, i've just been making them for my own keeping. BUT, if any of you out there would be interested in doing a swap, let me know!!!
oh, if you don't know what atc's are, basically the only rule is the size: 2.5 in x 3.5 in. other than that, play away! you can do themes, quotes, paint, draw, collage, whatever is YOU!

so this was my first atc. (the one i sent for the swap. it was based on favorite quotes) if i make one for someone else, or a swap, i always do a "series" so that i have my own to keep.

summer time theme....

halloween theme (this one was so much FUN!)...

and this is going to be a series. taken from a general conference talk on the "ity" virtues. kind of my way of journaling about a really good talk!

let me know if you want to do some swappin'! :) trust me, you'll be hooked!


kim said...

I do love the cards you make-So creative and so you.

Jandi said...

They are all so you. You put a little bit of "cherry" into each piece of art. Fabulous.

Natalie* said...

i love my KC art cards you've made me - the live in a place of honor, as you know.
that halloween one is spectacular - it makes my all time favorite list for sure.

Family Valois said...

I love ATCs. These are great Kim!