Wednesday, September 23, 2009

last week

my husband pointed out that i haven't updated my blog in awhile.


when i blog, i do so for posterity purposes first and foremost. but i have felt a bit conflicted because of the rollercoaster week i've had.

last sunday in the wee hours of the morning i awoke with a horrible pain. worse than the standard cramp. i sat up in bed because i needed to get up and go to the bathroom. when i slipped out of bed i made it to my knees, felt dizzy and sick, then passed out. i awoke lying on my back with stephan over me calling my name. weirdest feeling ever. long story short, i was fine. went to the doctor, and he found nothing. the baby is healthy and kicking. but the week was peppered with boughts of sickness, dizzyness and extreme fatigue. weird.

that same sunday, in california, my mom took my sister to the ER. she spent almost an entire week there with what turned out to be acute kidney failure. i can honestly say i was really scared. i wanted to be with her more than anything. she is fine now, back at work, back in the swing of life.


for a week i really wasn't sure.

now my sister and i are close, even if we don't talk that often and see each other only a few times a year. she is my baby sister and i love her more than i can express.

it's just strange to me that i had my "episode" right at the same time she was experiencing probably the worst pain of her life.

i really believe we are more connected than either one of us knows.

after a week of many sincere prayers and lots of faith, all is well again.

it is experiences like these that make me realize how blessed i am. how much i have to be thankful for. how much i love my family...all of them.
times may still be tight and a bit scary (financially), but i am rich beyond measure.


Jandi said...

wow! amazing story. family ties run deep, right? i wish i had a sister to experience that kind of closeness. you two are so lucky to have each other. glad to hear that everything is alright with you and your sister!

Natalie* said...

SERIOUSLY stressful week for you - so sorry to hear it. glad things are looking better. also that you've documented it - we've got to be sure that in this world of blogging we aren't always painting an inaccurate picture of our lives. the only way to strengthen our posterity, our friends and ourselves, is to be honest and document the good and the bad, the triumphs and the struggles.

Olivia said...

so glad everything is okay with you and your sister. It's cool that you are so close with her, makes you feel like someone is always thinking of you, even if they can't see you or talk to you, no?

kim said...

So glad Nicole is doing better. Sisters are great!

Angela Henderson said...

Im so glad everything is ok. That is a wierd coincidence about your sister. I think you felt for her. Also congrats on another BOY!!! Yeah!

Family Valois said...

Oh, I am glad you are both ok. You two are amazing. I am always so jealous of the connection between sisters; a strong one you do have!