Wednesday, April 01, 2009

gorgeous movies and books

i read a book on sunday.
all of it, on sunday (granted it's short).it's been a really long time since i've done that.
girl with a pearl earring by tracy chevalier is amazing. it's a fictional story, laced with facts. the author has taken a masterpiece painting (often referred to as the mona lisa of the north), by vermeer, and painted us a fictional background of the painting, girl with a pearl earring. this is the kind of book that dwells in your soul after you read it. you are pulled into the world of 17th century holland. it's almost hard to re-adjust to 21st century life. almost. (i really love my electricity and running water)

i had to buy the movie. so i went on and did so. of course i couldn't be expected to wait until i got it, so my friend natalie lent it to me. she went above and beyond and gave me my very own vermeer art book. thank you, thank you, natalie! (vermeer is her absolute favorite artist, so the passion for the work is very much shared.)
the movie did not dissapoint. my only complaint was that they did cut out quite a bit and altered certain scenes. understandable in the interest of keeping it streamlined enough for two hours. you fall in love with vermeer and his work all over again. collin firth plays vermeer. brilliant. i was breathless while watching certain scenes between him and scarlett johansson. their chemistry is palpable to say the least.
watch it. trust me it's worth it.

then we have another period piece. (actually that's kind of been a theme for me lately.)
this one also comes on recommendation (and borrowed) from natalie. i loved it. it is a story that champions the underdog in a unique way. a story of the power of the human mind and heart. gripping. passionate. stunning in many ways. it, too, has carved it's little place in my soul.

and finally, we come to a new favorite of mine. right up there with jane eyre....jane austens pride and prejudice. i am currently reading the book.
i think most are familiar with the book and the movie (some version of it). i saw the version with keira knightly. truly beautiful in every way. after watching it, i found myself googling 19th century clothing and hairstyles. one of these years, for halloween, or another such ocassion, i will be elizabeth bennett. and stephan (unbeknownst to him) will be mr. darcy. period.


Natalie* said...

yes yes yes, fabulous all. so glad you are enjoying all my recommendations - i'm excited to hear what you think of all the others. :D
you will make a wonderful elizabeth and i can totally see stephan as darcy - invite me to your future halloween party. sadly, jay is not moody and brooding enough to be mr. rochester....i'll get back to you on our costumes for that evening.

Natalie* said...

OOOooo - maybe jay can be inman and i'll be ada from cold mountain!!!

The Jackson's said...

Have you read the Count of Monte Cristo? Love the book. If you haven't it is a must!

Nicole said...

when natalie told me she's been recommending books and films to you like crazy, i had to laugh. that's a very "us" thing to do. i'm glad you're enjoying them!