Wednesday, December 17, 2008

some new lovelies...

i have a few new creations to share....
the first is a camera strap that i made out of a yummy fabric! i adore this fabric, and every time i pull my camera out to use it, i am so delighted to see this strap cover!!
(sorry it's such a weird angle in this photo. i had a heck of a time getting the strap OFF my camera, then getting it back ON my camera...well, let's just say that stephan had to do that! so i was NOT ABOUT to take it off again to photograph it)

then, we have these little wrist warmers. i guess they qualify as gloves...not sure though. it was my first attempt at anything other than a scarf or blanket. they aren't perfect, but they work. (nothing i make is perfect - i don't measure, count or make adjustments. i just fly by the seat of my pants and hope it turns out)


Natalie* said...

they turned out great - can i request a fancy strap for my camera?!

Kim Luck said...

Does the glove/arm thing keep you warm:) It is cute. Good job. I love the strap you made for your camera. I am trying to think of something I need a strap for...:)

Stefanie said...

Cool creations! I could use some wristwarmers aspiring to be gloves :-D
How are things for you and your family now?


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