Thursday, May 08, 2008

keeping busy

i have been keeping myself occupied lately...with various things i have been wanting to do for awhile. they have turned out quite nicely, i think. have a look!!

1) i am all about pillowcase skirts these days! dreamy vintage pillowcases i collect from thrift shops. here is one of the skirts i have made (sorry for the wrinkles - i pulled it out of the dryer for the pic.) the strip of fabric sewn into the side is an adorable fabric i got at my favorite online fabric joint. i will be so sad when it is gone, and it almost is.

2) barrettes!!! the first two are covered with vintage fabric i have collected. the second is an ordinary silk flower with a button sewn into the middle, but it looks so dang cute on! and the third is a really cool vintage button. i actually think it is bone of some sort.

3) okay, for these bobbies i kind of "borrowed" the idea from a store i frequent. i saw them for sale in the store and thought...i could totally make those!! so as soon as i got home, i did! i love, love, love them. i think they would be adorable nested in the soft locks of a little girl, no? i am thinking of putting them up for sale in my etsy shop....perhaps...

4) i have been promising a friend of mine that i would make a necklace, or something out of wire-wrapped beads she gave me. finally i have motivated myself to do it!! sorry tara....i know i've had those dang beads forEVER! i am pleased with the final product and even managed to squeak out a pair of earrings too. she will get her beads back today!! :)

i am off to california tomorrow for two weeks!! i think it will be the therapy i need. i will be posting from there, so check in for some sweet cali photos!! bye!

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