Friday, May 30, 2008


last night i started watching a movie that seemed like it was going absolutely or slowly. it was long, too long and i almost gave up on it. stephan fell asleep. we kept looking at each other saying, are you following this? well, something told me to stick with it. i did. the effect was profound. it's been awhile since a movie has provoked an epiphany. this one did. i was a total mess at the end...crying and lost in thought.

the movie???.........
it left me thinking a lot about my father who i lost when i was three. and i thought about ryan. that loss is still very fresh in my heart and i hurt a great deal. but there was some healing to be had in this movie. and a reminder that we are all at choice. all the time. we can choose how we live each moment of our lives. choose to be happy, sad, mad, depressed. we can take an experience and do something amazing with it, or let it rule us. i needed this message. it is something i know, but needed reminding of and a movie is a great visual way to do that. i love it when this happens. what a surprise it was that it happened in this movie. like i said, i almost turned it off.
so this day and everyday i will be conscious of the choices in front of me. i want to live an extraordinary life and savor each happy, sad, angry, funny, exhilerating moment! isn't that a huge part of what it's all about anyway??


Adventures In The Land Of Hahl said...

What a great epiphany and from such a unseen source. Thanks for sharing

Olivia said...

Mike and I love this movie. It's not about what you think it will be about.