Monday, August 20, 2007

motivationally handicapped

yep....that's me. a true, sincere, honest-to-goodness, LACK of motivation! to create anything, to read anything, to BLOG anything, to launder anything! (okay, so the laundry thing i've had to get over because apparently my family likes to wear clean underwear....go figure!) i've also had to push out of this .... muck, for lack of a better word. i had an open house last week and had to get tons of stuff ready for that. i did it. it was a push. so this picture of teddy is TOTALLY how i feel. like laying around like a big 'ol fluffy lump of lumpiness.

last week was my birthday. i am now 34. i don't feel 34. i don't think i look 34. but i am. 34. just 6 short years from 40. now that thought does freak me out a bit. i never thought i would be 40. i always thought i would be 20-something. isn't that always the case? we usually don't perceive the fact that our age is upon us. at least i don't. even with each passing birthday, i still don't. i can't figure out if that is a good thing, or a bad, denial-like thing. probably the latter.

these lovely flowers are from my hubby. i got lots of flowers this year. and bath stuff. hmm.. what does that mean? see, here i go again analyzing the heck out of everything. it's an issue i have. i love this picture because i got the word faith in there. not on purpose. just a happy accident. love those! but it speaks to me right now. big time!!!!

oh, and i FINALLY, after 33 years, received that coveted ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. i have seriously wanted one for as long as i can remember. inside was my favorite B&R flavor: mint chip. the cake was chocolate, which is not my fav. flavor cake, but the icing and roses on top were the lovliest shade of pink, so i was as happy as can be!!!!!!! :)

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