Wednesday, August 08, 2007

absense makes the heart grow fonder?

i wonder if that saying is true for blogs too? i have been absent from my blog for well over a month...for many different reasons. but i realized that i missed it. even if i'm only blogging for myself (which is kind of the case) it's worth it. it is therapeutic somehow. so i'm re-dedicating myself to this here blog. i'm going to focus a bit more on my art here. i'm making it a goal to post more of my creative endeavors, in hopes that it will motivate me to crank out a bit more in that area!! to say that i've been slacking is a major understatement. my motivation is nill right now. i'm digging deep to find some spark to get me going again, as i really hate to be in slumps!

in other news, i went to vegas at the end of july. it was an interesting trip because we didn't really do too many "vegasy" things. i won't go into it all now, but i will post a few pics from the trip. i can always find fun and funky things to take pictures of that make me smile...still to this day, and probably for a very long time will these pics make me smile. i'm quirky that way!

old vegas neon....i love, love, love it! i like to imagine what old vegas was like in it's glamourous glory days. when everything and everyone was shining and beautiful. makes me smile.

we did go to the m&m store. one of the highlights of my trip was purchasing several shades of pink m&m's. it was pure pink bliss and took me quite a while to bring myself to eating them. they are just too pretty. but the alure of milk chocolate gets me everytime!!

ah yes, and the wyn hotel. we didn't stay there, but did walk through it and spent the better part of an entire day there (long, long story.....) talk about glamour and beauty. this is truly where the beautiful people stay and play. this ginormous waterfall behind me was breathtaking. and the visual eye candy didn't just kept getting better!!! my camera and i were very happy! :)
have a glorious wednesday.....and be on the lookout for a more artsy vibe on my blog! :) :)

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