Wednesday, January 21, 2015

project life week two

 i'm still trying to nail down a good system for constant project life-ing. i want to document my life without that process taking me away from LIVING my life. it's a delicate balance, for sure.
my main problem is my horrible memory. so i write down as much as possible during the week. and my cell phone has saved me. 100% of this weeks photos are from my phone.

i have a major stash of project life kits, but i have also found some great printables that i used this week too. (i will try to be better about remembering where those came from so i can post a link!! - one thing at a time)
i am always so inspired by ali edwards. she has some fantastic digital overlays that i use as well. plus i find her clean style more conducive to the kind of story telling i want to portray.

this week i had some extra journaling that i wanted to be sure to get in there so i sewed on a little flap. i cut an insert from a baseball card sheet (i have lots of those and didn't feel like i was ruining a valuable pl insert).

looking back on past albums i find it so interesting to look at the seemingly insignificant details of my life...receipts and such.

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