Thursday, May 09, 2013

the mormon prom

 as you may, or may not (probably not since i am a bad blogger) this is my oldest son, ben. he is just a great kid. really. i learn so much about how to treat others from his brilliant example. he is 17. yikes! it's all going by so quickly. i can't believe i only have a few more years of him at home, but that's the cold hard truth. so i cherish every single opportunity to capture him in his monumental moments of youth. prom is certainly no exception. the mormon prom.
what is a mormon prom you ask... exactly as it sounds. a prom just like any other. there is music, dancing, and dressing up. it's held in a great venue, filled with great kids. it's for everyone (you don't have to be mormon to go) here's the "mormon" part:  there are standards. a modest dress code, clean music, and chaperoned by adults.
this year ben was asked by a friend of his from his seminary class.

here is the dapper guy himself:

 in that cute little box is a corsage i made:

 the thing about having 4 boys and zero girls is there are certain things i will never do. braid hair - never. paint nails - never. shop for a prom/dance dress - sadly, never. so i made the most of the ONE thing i could shop for, this fantastic pocket square (in a color that will match his dates dress)

and here is the lovely couple....

they had a lot of fun. complete with dinner at olive garden and an after-prom get together at his friends house.
i would say his first official prom was a success.
let me just savor this moment before i blink and he is graduating!!!


Jandi said...

He looks so handsome. I love that little smile of his in the picture by your bookshelf. That is one fantastic pocket square. And that corsage turned out SO darling. Nice work... You have done a great job in that kid. Well done MOM!

Ruth said...

I am glad they had a wonderful time. I am glad that they hold a Mormon Prom in our area, such a great event!