Thursday, March 22, 2012

banner for "new beginnings"

last week we had our young womens new beginning program at church. each time we do a program for the young women we, or the girls, choose a color and theme. this years mutual theme is "arise and shine forth", so the girls chose yellow. perfect!
i made a happy, sunny banner for the occasion.
please excuse the blue painters tape holding it to the wall. for some reason the idea of using clear tape totally escaped me!! luckily, one of the other leaders had some so we fixed it.

one of the other leaders had the great idea of using lemonheads in the jars with the daisies.

i am kind of in love with making these paper bows. i learned how here, on heidi swapps website
is it weird that a paper embellishment makes me so happy??

i do have a thing for banners. it's a quick and satisfying way to use lots of great techniques. i highly recommend checking out heidi swapps blog and video website. she has tons of great ideas and techniques.


RaeLyn said...

Kim, it looks great! It makes me kind of nostalgic though, Sarah would have been one of the "new beginning-ers" there. I'm sure it was an awesome evening.

Jandi said...

Oh my, that turned out so adorable! You are the queen of banners...

Ruth said...

The banner turned out great! The yellow really was great, I think everyone loved it.

Kristen said...

So cute. I always want to make a banner for anything really. We'll have to do a craft day sometime and you can teach me.

Natalie said...

so fantastic kim -- you've outdone yourself again!