Friday, November 05, 2010

newest handmade diaper bag

let me first apologize for these pictures. they are pretty crummy.
but here is a diaper bag i was commissioned to make for my friend. i have playing with the dimensions and such, and this one is my favorite to date.

i designed the pockets with baby stuff in mind; diapers, bottles, lotion, etc. the outside pocket is for the essentials; lipgloss (for mommy), keys, cell phone, ipod. i have found these are the items i am often reaching for with one hand while holding baby, or driving. so they need to be super easy to reach and grab.

and i had to add a bit of pretty to the outside as well. i did so in the form of my handmade flowers, done in beige silk, with a dab of adornment in the centers. lovely. even though she had a boy my philosophy on diaper bags is this: it is YOUR accessory. you have to carry it, and it should match your personality. have fun with it. you will be attached to this accessory wherever you go!


Jandi said...

It turned out so cute! I love it. I do remember that inside fabric now. Love the added flowers. Very nice feminine touch. You have talent my friend!!

Natalie said...

amazing as always.

Terri said...

It is a great diaperbag! Thank you again for making it for Joel and I!!!!!! Love ya!