Saturday, June 12, 2010

free fun at the local malls...

one of my favorite things to do is take spontaneous pictures doing ordinary things. it just so happens that i have gone to two fabulous local malls this weekend. last night my friend natalie and i went to the glorious park meadows. of course a visit to sundance is always on the agenda! i didn't buy anything, but natalie scored the swingy dress she is wearing (my sister purchased the same one in black when she was in town - blog post coming on that!).

then tonight stephan, ashton and myself went to the cherry creek mall. upon entering the mall we stumbled upon this DElicious discovery....a frozen yogurt bar. they have about 10 yummy flavors to choose from and a wide assortment of toppings. they charge by the ounce ($0.44 per ounce). so if you go, don't go too heavy on the yogurt - it adds up quick! oh...and the name....??? perfection for this cherry girl!

alas, tiffany & co. was NOT open. dang it!! what does a girl have to do to actually step foot inside a tiffany store?? i guess pay better attention to saturday hours (they close at 6pm on saturdays). but i had to give some love to the sign.

finally the ever glamorous z gallery. if you are a fan of taking dorky pictures, as i obviously am, it is paradise. the perfect backdrop for over-the-top posing.
cheap fun.
even if it does annoy the sales staff. whatever.

anthropologie dreaming......

oh...all of the above photos were taken with my SUPER RAD new iphone (an early birthday present from stephan).
ahh apple you do know your way to a gals technology-loving heart.


Natalie* said...

oh our beloved malls - i will so miss our times together buying and dreaming.
those z gallerie photos are great - that bedspread is uber fab and the photo of stephan in his luscious wrap is making me laugh way too hard.
gotta try that cherry on top - how cool!
darn that tiffany & co. and their early closing hours - don't they realize in order to spend money there, we have to be exposed to it as frequently as possible? clearly someone missed the memo.

Jandi said...

Looks like fun. You know malls are one of a girls' favorite places to be!!