Sunday, February 21, 2010

looking back - spring 2004

in 2004 we lived in pennsylvania. we only lived there for a few years, but it was a wonderful period in our lives, and it was where noah was born.

i had short, dark hair. (if you haven't noticed, i change my hair A LOT)

noah was a tiny, roly-poly baby...

we lived in a dreamy little cottage-esque house set against a hill side.

and this was our front yard. a gorgeous creek (though more like a river to me) that was glorious all year round.

life was really quite beautiful! it still is!


Natalie* said...

noah was so cute as a rolly baby! love your hair, but then i had the same hair-do at the same time - great minds think alike! that yard looks beautiful.

Chris and Ruth said...

What a beautiful yard!

Jandi said...

Wow. That looks heavenly. Loved your hair. But, it always looks good.

Family Valois said...