Tuesday, June 23, 2009

long overdue update!

this pregnancy is kicking my butt. i am tired, sick, and trying very hard to relish every moment for the blessing that it is. i am happy. busy, but happy.
so here is what our family has been up to (incredibly condensed version):

noah's preschool graduation

kyles elementary school graduation

noah plays t-ball (and steph is coaching)

ben playing summer bball
(kyle is playing too, i will post a pic one of these days)

cherry summer schedule -
monday: noah t-ball game, ben and kyle bball practice
tuesday: ben young mens
wednesday: our only precious free night
thursday: kim and kyle scouts (i am a den leader)
friday: kyle and ben bball practice (two separate fields, so we split up)
saturday: ben and kyle games
sunday: church

throw in various camp meetings (my other calling is assistant stake yw camp director)

summer is busy, busy, busy!
i need constant reminders to breathe and enjoy the journey.


Angela Henderson said...

Man you guys have a busy schedule. But hey its worth it right? Hope you feel better!

Adventures In The Land Of Hahl said...

that is a little bit of stuff going on! hopefully you will feel better soon.

presenceofself@comcast.net said...

Awh the good life, and indeed it is. I look forward to seeing all of you and enjoying some of the fun. I love the pictures! keep those posts coming as it keeps me in the loop with your lives, when I can't be there is person.
Love you guys so much!